What is my iPhone 4 worth? – Learn more about the Value of a used iPhone 4

If you have an iPhone 4 that you are planning to sell, you might pose and ask what is my iPhone 4 worth? iPhone 4 is now more than two years old. However, it is still one of the most used iPhone models today. Even with the arrival of iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 series, some people are still interested in buying iPhone 4. This means that you can still sell your used iPhone 4 at a good price. Nevertheless, before you resell your used iPhone 4, you might want to know its value so that you can determine the best price to ask for it.


Used iPhone 4 is still at the top of the chat of the most popular iPhones that are being resold. The price of the resold iPhones is not competing with the subsidized prices of contracted iPhone. In fact, it is competing with the price of unsubsidized devices. Most used iPhones depreciate by about $700 instead of $300 that you paid for it while signing for a contract of your cell phone at a wireless store. Thus, you get more money for your iPhone when you use it and resell it. This enables you to reduce the net cost of your new iPhone that you buy with a contract or with some extra cash from your pocket.

Average selling price

To determine the worth of your used iPhone 4, it is important that you consider the prices at which other people are selling their used iPhone 4. Prices vary from one dealer site to another. However, you can still get a good deal on your iPhone 4 if you take time to conduct some research on different dealer sites to determine which dealer offers you the best deal. We are an iPhone reseller service and we can give you the most ideal deal for your used iPhone 4. With our service, you know the exact worth of your iPhone 4 by asking for a quote price before you use our service to sell your iPhone 4.

What determines the worth of your iPhone 4?

The worth of an iPhone 4 is determined by several factors. For instance, if the housing condition and display of your iPhone is moderately worn and its functionality is working perfectly, your iPhone 4 might be worth more than another iPhone that has functionality issues with a worn out display. Basically, the worth of your iPhone 4 will largely depend on its condition. The status of your iPhone 4 will also determine its worth. Thus, whether your iPhone 4 is locked or unlocked will influence its worth and price.

Although your want to get the best deal on your used iPhone 4, it is important to know how much it is worth in advance. This will enable you to set a price that is not too high or too low when selling your iPhone 4. Still asking what is my iPhone 4 worth? Simply use our iPhone reseller service to know the worth of your iPhone 4 and sell it at the highest price possible.